Happy Holidays Everyone

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My best wishes to you. My New Year's Resolutions are:
1. I am going to revel in each day, even if it doesn't go as planned.
2. I am going to celebrate that I have written something that day instead of comparing what I've written to Othello or The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock or Anna Karenine.
3. I am going to either organize all my papers, pots and pans, makeup, closets, etc., myself or hire someone to help me do it.
4. I am going to get my cholestrol down by natural means: diet and excercise.
5. I am going to like my hair.

What are your resolutions?


A review of FOR KEEPS

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Check out this wonderful review of FOR KEEPS, an anthology edited by Victoria Zackheim.

Ahem, take note of mention of my essay which is included:

And in “The Teardrop,” Rochelle Jewel Shapiro reminds us of the importance of knowing and listening to our bodies: “I thought my body had betrayed me; by not listening to its messages, I had betrayed it.”

The class is from January 14th to March 18th. You can register online or by phone.
(310) 825-9971.
The registration number of the class is U6675. The Registration Office is generally open from 9 – 5 PST
Hope to meet you there.


Memoir And

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This is a terrific journal of memoir that publishes personal essays, poetry, all with a memoir theme. My poem, Just Home From The Ashram appeared in it. Here is the info:
http://memoirjournal.squarespace.com/ Memoir And is available in bookstores and online. Here's the poem I published in it:


You had begun to laugh
over nothing, your mouth fixed
in a plummy rictus. But everything
was fine, fine, you claimed.

Still wearing your white yoga tunic and drawstring pants,
you must have been sitting on your bed, legs interlocked
in the half-lotus, mahogany hair, usually a glossy bob,
straggly, gray-threaded, stirred by the breeze
from your open window. You must have read
from the thick book with the yellow cover,
Talks With Sri Ramana Maharishi.

Four days after you jump, I receive a copy
of the book in the mail with lines you highlighted:

The heart is the only reality
in forgetting the body.
How long does it take to be reborn?

The body must refuse to be buried.
"I" alone being held,
all else disappears.

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