Emotion into Art: Infusing Your Writing with Feeling (Online)
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How do writers make you laugh and cry? Designed for beginners and those who would like to spike up their writing and gain mastery, this course begins by exploring emotion-packed fiction, short prose, and poems to discover trips, tricks, and strategies for making readers ache, cheer characters on, reach for the Kleenex, or hold their sides with laughter. Through stimulating writing exercises, you are encouraged to find your own voice to create short writing (prose or poems) about yourself and/or fictional characters that can grab the attention of both readers and editors. For technical requirements click here.Enrollment limited to 15 students. Online CourseJune 24 - July 29 6 meetings total
$55 nonrefundable.
Course Syllabus
Course Syllabus
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Submission Deadline, June 1, 2009

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Submit to: Diverse Voices Quarterly. E-mail via (DOC or RTF attachment) to: submit@diversevoicesquarterly.com.Theme: Celebrating and unifying diversity. Submissions from all ages, all races, all religions, and all sexual orientations are welcome.Type: Poetry (5 poems, 40 lines per poem MAX), short stories and personal essays (3,000 words MAX). Artwork also accepted.URL: http://www.diversevoicesquarterly.com



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Valerie Connelly, Publisher at Nightengale Press is putting together a collection of "letters" or essays to the new grandparent and grandparents-to-be from those who have become and are currently grandparents. The idea is to create a humorous, touching, honest book of perspectives for the grandparent-to-be. There will be as nearly an equal numbers of both men and women in this anthology as possible.


1) Interested published authors need to contact Valerie Connelly by Monday, April 15th expressing their interest at publisher@nightengalepress.com
2) Include a short bio and a listing of your published titles.
3) Please submit a working title with a short overview.
4) If you know another professional/published author who might be interested, please pass this idea long to them.

Valerie will contact you requesting you submit your essay by the deadline. Please do not send your essay until she contacts you.

Submit directly to publisher@nightengalepress.com

You will create a "letter" of 2,500 to 3,500 words, about your first-hand experience with grandparenting. This book is intended to bring to the novice grandparent the wonderful advice and wisdom of those who have (for lack of a less cliché expression) "been there, done that."

If you feel you need more guidance for your topic, or at least some sense of what Valerie is looking for, you may consider these ideas for use or inspiration:

1) First-timer's Expectations vs. the Real Thing
2) The Funniest Thing Happened on the Way to the Changing Table...and Other Humorous Events
3) Grandkids Say the Darndest Things
4) What Grandchildren Do to Light Up Your Life
5) Yes, You Can Give Them Back to Their Parents When...
6) Passing Along Your Talents and Skills to Your Grandkids...
7) When to Speak Up and When to Go Mute as You See Your Children Parenting Your GrandKids
8) How to Survive a Week with Grandchildren in your House
9) Traveling for the Holidays and Other Special Events, Such as Family Vacations, Trips to the Zoo, etc...
10) How to Successfully Spoil Your Grandchildren for the Better

Valerie be the Editor and will also publish the book at no cost to you. All participating authors get an equal portion of the net proceeds royalties, which may or may not make you happy to participate. But, rest assured your portion will be as fair and profitable as I can possibly make it. Of course, you'll be free to sell the book yourselves, and all pubcomps from sales through online sources and/or bookstores will be divided equally between the authors and editor. The publishing firm will take no royalty.


Do you Twitter and Tweet?

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I just got on Twitter, but it feels like a threat. Will people stop reading books and just twitter and tweet their lives away? Will I? If you're twittering, please give me a tweet.

The title is Intermediate, but all are welcome. The focus is on gettng essays ready for publication and boy are there places to publsh them!


Yes, it is I, wearing that hat. I made it for my poetry reading at the Paul Robeson Fire Arts Center at Princeton University. My poem, The Ziggurat Hat, in Eating her Wedding Dress (Ragged Sky Press) was about the hats my mother wore. I made this one out of a beach hat and a bunch of trimmings I bought in Michael's Craft Shop. You can't see it, but the hat also had a large black feather. When my mother would take me and my two sisters to department stores, she would tell us to follow the black feather so that we dont' get lost. I was so sorry I hadn't kept that hat, but even sorrier that after having a couple of glasses of wine at the reception, I managed to leave my hat at the center in a large hefty trash bag that I had used to keep it safe in a downpour.. And that's where it ended up. In the trash! There's going to be another reading on Jone 3rd, so I made another hat. It's not as great as the first, but c'est la vie.


The balanced the camera on something and huddled together in the nick of time to get a picture of the four of them: Left to right: Gina Camerone, Terry, and Jeanne. It's so satisfying to see my homies.


If anyone lives near Princeton University

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I'll be reading my poem, The Ziggurat Hat, from the anthology, Eating Her Wedding Dress, (Ragged Sky Press) on Friday, April 5 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm
at the Arts Council of Princeton
Paul Robeson Center for the Arts
102 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, N.J. 08542

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