Arty Christmas

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I have been trying to put this posting onto Technorati (which is one of the listing sites for blogs), but have not had any luck with it yet. Their rule is that I have to put each posting onto their site before I can put it onto any others including this one, but in spite of taking great care to comply with their guidelines, I gave up the struggle to put it on late last night. I noticed from their help forums that other people have had difficulty finding their blogs, so at least I am not on my own. Anyhow, I am posting it straight onto here before it becomes too old, knowing it will never make it onto Technorati. I hope to resolve this in time for the next one.

Here goes then:

We’ve now arrived back home from seeing friends and family and the festivities are over for another year. On the way back home, there were almost clear skies, with a wide bank of cloud to the west, behind which the sun set. I have tried to commit to memory what it looked like, because I am painting a picture of hot air balloons at sunset at the moment. What I’ll need to aim for is a predominantly grey centre to each cloud, with a halo of almost fluorescent pink or orange around it, and paler light in between. Once I’ve completed this painting, I’ll post it on the blog for all to see, and you can decide if I’ve achieved the right effect. My better half tells me that when the sun’s rays shine down from behind a cloud, they are known as crepescular rays, and where they shine upwards, they are anti-crepescular.

Having decided on goose instead of turkey for our Christmas dinner this year, we found the rest of the family, whom we visited for Boxing day, had decided to do the same. We’ve therefore had goose for three days continuously, returning home on Sunday night with most of ours still to be eaten up. It looks set to be goose vindaloo until Easter at this rate.

All our snowmen have now melted in the milder weather the past couple of days, and hats and scarves, carrots etc retrieved, washed and dried, or put into the compost bin in the case of carrots.

Back again soon,


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