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Every now and again, our art group has a "group project". This is where someone will come up with an idea, normally for a certain subject matter, and we all try it out. Sometimes, the person with the idea has a photo that they e-mail round everyone, so we all use the same photo but, more often, people use their own material. Most people found "windmills" a bit stressful, likewise "elephants" didn't float everyone's boat. Most of us agree, though, that a bit of a challenge is good for making us better at what we do.

Our project at the moment is a media one, as we are all trying out pastels. John has used them for some time, and it seemed a good idea for the rest of us to have a go. The advantage seems to be that you are more in control of what you are doing than with paint (supposedly). Maggie agreed that the club could pay for some special pastel paper, and she ordered some for us - it arrived during the week with the worst snow, and not many members showed up for the meeting at that time, but more came last week. People are gradually finishing whatever they've been working on and having a go at the pastels. Gill was first, and she drew a picture of a coal miner, who looked a few years younger than in the original. Perhaps she'd like to try drawing me next. John knocked out a lovely green-eyed cat (picture!) this week. He's had so much practice, he had it done in no time. Madge has made a start with a still life.

As for me, I'm still completing my balloon picture. I'm hoping to get it out of the way at home, so that I can make a start with the pastels next time. The picture illustrating this post is a detail from "River Mermaids" an oil pastel picture I did some time ago. I think I am safe to say that this is one for the boys!

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