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Dear readers,

This week, I have been rather busy putting new artist Lyn’s work on the gallery site (although less busy than our politicians at the moment). Here in the UK, we have just had our general election and now have a “hung” parliament - no one party has enough of a majority to govern - so we will have to have some sort of coalition, and we are all waiting to hear what happens now.

Here (above) is a detail from a painting I have in storage at home, not “hung” (groan), on the wall. I am hoping it will be featured in a local advertising magazine, “Look Chesterfield 1st”. It shows our old infant school at Clowne, and Sue from the art group (whose work you can see on the main gallery website) was a pupil there years ago. She tells me it was a very good school, and well kept. The headmaster’s house was next door, and is now the parish council’s offices. At the time I painted it, it had been used as part of Chesterfield College for quite a few years, then stood empty once the college moved to new premises. It has since been made into a pub, but I wanted to paint it as it was, before it was converted. It only takes up a small part of the canvas, and I would like to add more to the painting, perhaps add more landmarks of the area, around it. I’ve shown it on a windy day, with the little girl’s umbrella blowing inside out, for added interest, and perhaps to convey the idea of a “wind of change”, and indeed by the time I’d begun this painting, the conversion was well underway, and the pub has recently reopened.

I like to paint from nature, and have photographed a heron, which arrived as soon as our garden pond (which we are reinstating) was filled with water, although it landed in the field at the back. It’s barely visible on the photograph, so a bit too small for me to paint. We also have had some newly fledged birds in our garden - luckily, our cat is too old to harm them.

It has been a quiet Twitter week for me after not having any luck downloading Twitter Local, but I have found someone on it that I already know and is local – but I found them via “Linked In”. I joined a few weeks ago and am just beginning to find other people, so I suppose that is another way to find Twitter followers and followees – if you are running a business, that is.

At art group, some of us are doing the group project “Egypt”, Madge has had a bit of a battle doing camels - it seemed to be camels 1, Madge nil. Sue has a sphinx on the go, and Gill is deciding what desert scene to try. I have redone my Venice courtyard scene in chalk pastels rather than coloured pencils, but it didn’t come out well. It needed a bigger piece of paper - chalk pastel isn’t good for small details. It did, however, depict the colours quite well.

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