Do you believe that fears draw negativity to you?

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
That's what all the New Age books say. And it seemed that that's just what happened to me. One night, as I was crossing the street from my apartment, two racoons stuck their heads out of the sewer drain. Part of me thought, Oh, aren't they cute? But the part that had been surprised to see something so incongrous, went nutso screaming. I must have scared those poor racoons more than they scared me. (I'm embarrassed how citified I've become when one of my female students faced down a bear.) But my racoon phobia began. And suddenly, I began to see racoons every time I went out at night.
"Are there a lot of raccooons around here now?" I asked neighbors.
"Haven't seen a one," each reported.
And still I saw them skulking around garbage cans, loping across the street as I drive.
Last night I saw one eyeing me through my glass patio door. My patio has a tall, criss-cross metal fence. Did the racoon climb it?
I promised to stop thinking of racoons, and here I am writing about them.
Have you been afraid of something that ended up being drawn to you?

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