Emotion into Art: Infusing Your Writing with Feeling (Online)
English X 406.25
2.00 units
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How do writers make you laugh and cry? Designed for beginners and those who would like to spike up their writing and gain mastery, this course begins by exploring emotion-packed fiction, short prose, and poems to discover trips, tricks, and strategies for making readers ache, cheer characters on, reach for the Kleenex, or hold their sides with laughter. Through stimulating writing exercises, you are encouraged to find your own voice to create short writing (prose or poems) about yourself and/or fictional characters that can grab the attention of both readers and editors. For technical requirements click here.Enrollment limited to 15 students. Online CourseJune 24 - July 29 6 meetings total
$55 nonrefundable.
Course Syllabus
Course Syllabus
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Certificate Programs
This course can be used to earn credit towards the following certifications:

Certificate Program Title 1
Certificate Program Title 2

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