I'm taking an acting class and that got me into writing plays. This one-minute play will be part of a festival for charity in Sarasota Springs, Florida, in the fall. Here's my play which will be over in a blink:

SYLVIA MILLER: 50’s-60’s, attractive, but plump, stubborn with a sarcastic sense of humor. She should be wearing a long-sleeved loose-fitting dress. .
IRVING MILLER : 50’s-60. He’s wearing clothes appropriate for sitting in the sun.
SETTING: Boardwalk. SYLVIA and IRVING sit on chairs right next to each other to
simulate a bench. They look out over the beach, arguing with each other.

No, Irving, I’m not going to put on a bathing suit until I lose weight. Since I stopped smoking, I put on so much that if I went swimming whale watchers would have their binoculars trained on me.

You’re not fat, Syl. Look at that woman over there with her belly hanging over the bottom of her polka-dot two-piece. She’s got arms like hammocks and she’s out there, enjoying with her husband. I’ve got a surprise. I stuck our bathing suits in the trunk. The car’s in the lot right in back of us. We can put our suits on in a bathroom

You want to go swimming, go. You see that blonde in the black bikini with the thong bottom? And how about that slinky one with the backless suit that looks frontless, too. I’m not going out there with them on the beach to humiliate myself.

I can’t enjoy swimming while you’re here miserable. Look, there’s a woman over there way heavier than you. (He motions with his head.) Looks like she brought seat cushions with her. And that one, by the garbage can. with a Michelin tire of flab around her waist.

(Looking at him.) Irving, you must really love me. You’re the only guy here who is looking at women fatter than his wife.

Of course I love you, Syl. That’s why I kept after you to stop smoking. I want you with me for the long haul. I want us to grow old together while staying young. Let’s get our suits

I love you, too, Irving. (She takes out a tissue and dabs at her eyes.)

Come Syl, we can swim out up to our necks and hold each other like we used to. (He wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. There are tears in Sylvia’s eyes. He reaches out his hand and she takes it. They get up and turn their backs, heading toward the car.

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