Exhibition time!

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Dear readers,

First of all, I'm sorry I haven't had chance to add to my blog since the initial posting, but I have been extremely busy preparing for firstly an exhibition, then a trade fair the following week. I have had to get the the website ready for these events. Pretty much all my time has been taken up since I last posted.

I thought I'd share with you a poem composed by one of the art group members about our most recent exhibition. It seems to sum it up quite nicely:

Every Picture Tells A Story

Exhibition morning with keen anticipation
A group of local artists place their work before the nation
There's a wonderful collection of swans in different poses
Who's the talented painter? Oh I believe it's Margaret Rose's
Elizabeth's created views from exotic locations
Her atmospheric steam train is heading for the station
Julie's beautiful flower study
Contains colours all aglow
It took so long to paint it
Getting details just so
John's standing at his easel
Creating a prize winner
Where's Sue? Tucking into soup
And pud selling cards to pay for dinner
Woodland glades are Maggie's forte
Gentle sunlight filtering through
but the Indians on horseback make me wish I was that talented too
Karen's tiger looks magnificent
His wild eyes looking pensive
I wonder how much she's charging, I bet it's quite expensive
You can tell Madge loves her wildlife from the images on view
When we've helped to boost her confidence
She'll believe she's talented too
Well it's nearly time to pack up
Paintings we've not sold many
We've probably made more on the tombola
If you count up every penny


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