Some local colour

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I have lived in this village for over two years now and have probably met most of the local characters. One of them is a punky looking sculptor who makes furniture from scrap metal. I went to see his exhibition during the Sheffield Open Studios event, and could see that his work was very cleverly designed. I am not entirely sure I would want a coffee table made from a manhole cover in the living room (perhaps I am too fussy). Because we are so far from Sheffield, he had had very few visitors, and the brochure didn't do much to promote what he was doing. I think he gave up exhibiting in that event after that.

There is also an elderly man who once asked me how I was, then told me off for not asking how he was in return! I was in a hurry at the time, and it had not occurred to me to ask. For a while after this happened, I made a special point of asking people how they were if they asked me, but soon realised they weren't really bothered about it.

As I was passing the old college grounds the other day, I bumped into a man with a collie dog. I was trying to get a better view of a small digger that appeared to be in the grounds, and he said, "are you being nosey then?" During our short conversation, he told me his dog was called "Whatdog". "We live near the school and the kids used to ask, 'What dog is that?' and the name just stuck".

Don't read the next bit if you are having tea. "And I clean up after him too", he said, holding up a bag of something I tried not to look at. Too much information.

A few days later I was at the playpark with my little 'un, and there was another character, who was only about 3 years old but told me he had a "fur cough" (think about it). I didn't want to hear that sort of language, and said so. He was more subdued after that...

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