Cold climate at Art Group too

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Hello again, and welcome to my new blogging friend on Blograma. I have received an e-mail today to let me know about them, and I’ll have a proper look at their details later this week.

This week’s posting starts at the end of last week (if you see what I mean).

“You’ve already had a Valentine?” On closer inspection, it was obvious that the pink, heart shaped confection on the mantelpiece had been made by our little ‘un. I’ve had a large boxful of Valentines chocolates and a small pudding (that he didn’t like) to get through before Lent begins tomorrow. The chocolates were Tescos own brand, and had the information on what they were printed underneath, causing a family member (who shall remain anonymous) to tip them upside down, dropping a few onto the kitchen floor – durr! From midnight tonight I’m on the wagon, but for today it was “chocs away”. Note to husband if reading: please can I have flowers instead next year?

Meanwhile at art group, the radiators were just about lukewarm, and so we all sat shivering, and Gill tried jogging on the spot to warm up – it didn’t work. I’d ditched the leggings I’d been wearing under my trousers for the past two months, and was regretting it. The water from the hot tap is always roasting hot, though, so perhaps we should all bring hot water bottles and fill them from the tap. I have tried to put some finishing touches to my balloons picture, I’ve put the basket right, but in doing that have discoloured the sky around it. Boo hoo! Perhaps one more session will sort it out. What I really need is a good run at it, but I never get long, I have too many other calls on my time.

I’ve begun preparing for the trade fair by printing off small versions of two of my paintings and making them into greetings cards. The butterfly design was a perfect fit for some squareish envelopes I already had. I am experimenting with my “Poppies” painting to find the best size to print out (this one is on the Artists of Derbyshire fan site on Facebook). Finally, I was hoping to have the Balloons one made into a card, but my hopes are fading a bit now ….

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