Hello again, and and a warm welcome to my new follower!

Yesterday a new artist, Elizabeth Chater, came round to discuss putting her paintings on the site.

“Liz” has been a member of the group for over a year now, and I already had copies of most of her work on our computer, from when Karen was producing a slideshow for the last exhibition we had.

She’s not on t’internet at home, so I showed her the site, and we discussed what paintings she will be putting on. I’ve left it with her to work out prices and postage and packaging and hope to see her again soon.
Meanwhile at the weekend, a slight thaw in the permafrost enabled me to do some tidying up in the garden. It is remarkable what can be revealed by a lack of foliage in winter. Underneath just one bush I found the following things, mostly belonging to my little one: marbles (2); pink bouncy ball; plastic ball; door key (long lost); pair of red underpants. No I don’t know how they got there either. Let’s hope they blew off the washing line.
We are back to frost and snow again now, but I keep thinking how many bugs are being killed off by it all. Unfortunately, it also seems more shops are being killed off by the cold economic climate – Ethel Austin the latest victim a couple of days ago. I used to like to visit “Old Eth’s” when I lived in Sheffield, but perhaps Primark was too much competition for her, who knows?

I am going to be at a trade fair soon, so read about my preparations for it in the next posting.

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