A for Art and Fame at Last #2

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
This week, I decided I needed some new watercolours to do my New Quay painting. I needed a better variety of colours than the basic 10 or so watercolour tubes I already had (plus Naples Yellow), so cue a visit to “A for Art” in Chesterfield. While I was there, I enquired about having a display of my paintings in their window. I have to take some examples of my work in to show them, and then there is a 13 month waiting list, as paintings are exhibited for four weeks at a time.

Cotman studio set - 40 different colours and built in pallettes - a bit of luxury for a change.

I‘ll probably go again when I’ve completed the painting I’m doing at the moment - by then it’s likely I’ll need to go to Chesterfield anyway for something else. There are certain things you cannot buy in this village, such as shoes, and the chocolate robots my son likes, which come from a specialist shop. Also there’s only one bank.  A for Art do craft demo days, listed on their website: http://www.aforart.com/

On Kevin’s advice, I also bought a frame for the painting before starting it, as it is a “wide angle” one, and a suitable frame may be hard to find once it’s completed. It does mean I am forced to complete the little beggar, for better or worse. I have gradually been progressing it today, and the colourwash for the sky, which is several different colours, has blended together nicely, as has the sea. I have been painting the clouds, and will be making them paler. I haven’t painted the headland yet, as you can see.

At art group, a man and a woman from the local council came to present us with a small grant. She took a photo of him presenting it to Maggie, and asked to photograph some other members too. As I’d washed my hair that morning, I agreed to be photographed next to Elizabeth. I tried to put a bit of “lippy” on, but didn’t get much chance, so I ended up with just a bit in the middle, reminiscent of Hilda Ogden on Coronation Street many moons ago. We might be featured in the local papers, so watch this space for a “Fame At Last #3” post.

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