A Friend Indeed

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I have been reading Trudy Friend’s book, “Landscape Problems and Solutions”, to help me do my seascape. So many art instruction books are more about the artist showing off their work than telling you what to do, but Trudy Friend actually guides you through it properly. Her books are always about drawing and watercolours (although this one has some information on gouache). Perhaps one day she will wrote one about how to use oils or mixed media.

I have continued to progress with my Welsh seascape, and have more or less completed the sky. Isn’t it colourful? I’m glad I’ve got a good range of watercolours now. I’ve made a start on the sea, headland and boats but there is more to do, especially on the sea. This picture doesn’t show the whole painting, as I have scanned it in to save time. Once I complete it, I’ll photograph it and show you it properly.

At art group, we have continued to debate a suitable place to visit for a painting day. People have also begun to bring items in to put on display at the forthcoming St John’s church fair, on 13th and 14th August. I am taking my own table in this time, to add to the ones they supply, so that we can have a larger display than last time. The club decided against buying any folding display stands, which would have been helpful in showing our work, because they are so expensive. No one wants to exhibit in this area, other than our once a year exhibition, as they would not expect paintings to sell in the current economic climate.

On a happier note, here is one of my 4 year old son’s paintings “a fairy” – do you think he has inherited any abilities from me? Or should I be learning from him? Answers on a postcard …

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