Masking fluid debacle

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At last I’m back at art group after a three week absence, and today I’ve been trying out some masking fluid (a Christmas present) to help me do some fluffy clouds for my Welsh sunset (see previous post). We are having a heat wave in the UK at the moment, which didn’t help matters. Right, here goes - masking fluid on for clouds, colour wash applied evenly to create sky, so far so good. Time to remove the fluid now – oops! I have removed the top surface of the paper as well. Ocean going cock up. “Masking fluid doesn’t keep long!” explained Kevin. His preferred method is to lay a colour wash, then use some tissue paper to remove some of the colour. I had another try, and, as he pointed out, the clouds needed a hint of colour – at that time of the day they would not be white any more. I therefore tried Naples yellow – a very pale beige yellow – or the nearest approximation I could mix. Gill had some oil paint in that shade, which I tried to copy, and I hope to buy some proper water colour paint in that shade soon.

So, I’m calling this a practice for at what I hope will be a larger painting. The sky at the bottom right is a bit of a bodge – but it’s just an experiment – I’ll get it right on the actual one. The headland will be in softer tones, and the sea will have a small wave at the front, gently crashing onto the sand. I hope I can convey the tranquil beauty of the scene. I also need to practice waves (watch this space).

Kevin was a great help, as people often are in the group – all have their different strengths, and I do find being in a group beneficial. I think Kevin is talented enough to run his own class. Talking of which, I have been following the local artist Matthew Palmer in his watercolour painting series, in which he teaches a beginner some basics. I was very impressed at how he got a passable landscape from the slightly nervous beginner. He used a simple technique and three colours, to keep things as easy as possible for her. For UK viewers it is on the Sky Painting and Drawing Channel, 4 pm Sundays.

Anyhow, onto my Versatile blogger awards – first of all, seven things you didn’t know about me.

Favourite animal: cat; I passed my driving test at 2nd attempt at the age of 21; favourite colour: lilac; I have lived in three cities, two towns and one village; I have traced my family tree back to 1570 when records began; favourite actor: Jeremy Irons; my left foot is a size bigger than the right one. Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption. Sorry I’m not that interesting. Will that do?

My winning blogs for versatile blogger:

Art and Crafts: - Jennifer McLean has a degree in psychology and a burning desire to paint in watercolour. Follow her progress, whether zentangles or flowers. - woodworking blog.

Erin Basset’s CreativitE: featuring crafts from many different people.

Humour: - share her ups and downs. (yes I know). Interesting articles including goat item every time. - Wry humour, provocative and pretty to look at – not just for gay people. I immediately sympathised with his inability to manage without concealer.

Travel: - a variety of articles from a Scottish correspondent.

Cookery: delicious looking recipes.

Blogging: - Peter, a 15 year old Australian kid blogger has some impressive blogging knowledge and thoughts to share. Good links too.

General: - join the delightful Teresa, husband Greg and dog Doogan in her lavishly illustrated blog, enjoy watching her diverse interests and hobbies, described with great enthusiasm.

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