Unlucky for some

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I am a bit “cream crackered” after two days helping out at the church fete, selling cakes to help with fundraising. I made quite a few of them too, including a second batch last night as we were running short. The most popular items were the cheese scones, and the woman who made them kindly produced a second batch for us, as the first sold out before we’d opened up to the public. We took an advance order for four before the second batch even arrived(!) Note to self: must make some for the art group’s exhibition next time.

(Above) some lovely English cakes - the ones on the right are Cheryl's chocolate "top hats" with a bit of jam under the icing.  To die (not diet) for.

I also put on a display of some of the art group’s work, and here you can see one of Maggie's tree paintings, and some of Sue's cards, also some of my paintings, in the miners’ chapel (note the creative use made of the photocopier).

Hilary, one of the organisers, also put some of her own in which you can see above - I like the seascape on the right best. She is also a keen flower arranger, and would almost certainly have had a hand in one of these arrangements, which feature her artwork (right), and undoubtedly some of her art materials. Hilary goes to a class run by David Coupe, a local artist http://www.watercolourartist.net/

If you have ever seen “Apollo 13”, you’ll remember that practically the whole storyline is based around the fact that the rocket was launched on the 13th of the month – and, funnily enough, it went wrong! Well, this year, our event was held on Friday 13th, and I also had the temerity to take along – yes- 13 promotional art group leaflets. So, what happened? Well, we did have rather a lot of rain on both days, the Friday being particularly bad. Not many people came. None of our artwork sold – durr! 13 leaflets – but a few art greetings cards did. Oh yes, and this post wouldn’t let me save it at first.  Spooky!

(Above) part of the "Hysterical" (History) Society's display.

Anyway, I asked how much had been raised overall at the end, and it wasn’t that much down on the previous year.

There were many displays of photos by the History Sock, this one (above) features some lovely flowers too.
Me fundraising, quite a few years ago (showing my lucky dip apron with many pockets).

Doing this event meant I couldn’t be at art group, but I’ll be back with a vengeance next week. Bye for now.

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