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This week, I have been using a wooden figure to practice drawing people – I am not going to actually show you the pictures I produced, as I have two much better ones. These are Elizabeth’s – first “The Folly, Lake Garda”, and a Venice scene, Elizabeth’s most recent completed painting. She also painted something fairly similar for a neighbour earlier this year. Both paintings will be on sale for about £45 on the main gallery site (link above) within the coming week.

At our last meeting, we were expecting a visit from a man who we hoped would help our group financially. Our supermarket has a “community champion” whose role is to help community groups like ours, although they favour anything involving children or young people, and sadly none of us will see 40 again.  I had given him directions, told the others he was coming, and generally prepared as well as I could for the visit. We all had a discussion about what we needed while we waited for him to arrive, but hopes gradually faded as the time passed – he never quite arrived. Shame.  Maggie was also absent as she was unwell, and I had taken her a large bag of toys for her granddaughter (which my son had grown out of but were not in good enough nick to put on e-bay). “She’s got a Ninky Nonk but no Tombliboos” I said, to which Elizabeth responded with mock horror “I beg your pardon!” “You have to buy them separately”, I explained. Those names are just too risqué sounding to buy more than one at a time.

Meanwhile, Kevin was working on the second of a triple canvas featuring meerkats. The first had a single, upright kat facing in one direction, the second the other way, and the third will be facing forward flanked by two youngsters. I wondered if they are known as meerkittens, but apparently they are “pups”.

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