What does a pick up artist do?

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I was only able to stay a short time at Art group this week, but I managed to make some progress with my St John’s picture, and also do a quick sketch of Elizabeth, which she didn't seem to mind too much. Re my recent post mentioning Gill’s green bird against a green background, she tells me that her bird is a spotted flycatcher, and is green because it reflected the light from the trees around it. Who would have thought that a bird could reflect things? Must be the oil in the feathers.

I have been keeping a blog for nearly a year now, and have tried many different ideas to promote it. There does not seem to be any definitive advice on how best to make use of a blog, perhaps because it is a relatively new idea. Some people say you should interact with other artists, others that there’s no point in preaching to the choir. Some say just “do one favour a day”, others say stay up all night blogging, twittering etc for at least a year. I have tended to interact with lots of other bloggers, and found that although lots of people are looking at my website, nobody seems to want to buy anything. Over the summer holidays, I didn’t get much chance to do any social networking, and then as soon as my little boy started school, it was full steam ahead with decorating the house before half term and a birthday party which took about three days to get ready for.

I have been receiving a newsletter from Leanne and Cheryl, who run a support group on Blog Frog for women like me. Leanne says that other bloggers are probably too diverse a group and that I ought to try and aim for a niche. I had been trying to get more UK readers to my blog, but she thought I needed to be more specific than this, and suggested joining an artists’ forum. And so it was that I spent Wednesday evening googling “artists forums”. At one point, I found myself in one called “Pick up artists” which was actually for men swapping tips on picking up women! All very entertaining but not particularly relevant. Finally, I found one called Artistsforum.uk, joined and posted a query. It being half term, I was unable to get near it for several days, but at long last tonight, phew, discovered that one option is some web advertising, so I am looking into that.

I have quite enjoyed doing my blog, and one option I’ve heard about is to sell the rights of it to Amazon as, apparently, some people subscribe to blogs via a Kindle, and I would be paid royalties.

I have also entered my blog in the Derbyshire Times blogging competition, I’m not expecting to win and I don’t think there’s a prize, but it would give me some kudos if I did well. Wish me luck.

Anyhow, with the clocks going back, I am off for an early night.

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