Going Potty

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Firstly, a warm welcome to any new readers who have arrived via the Derbyshire Times website, where my blog is now listed after winning (amongst others) a blogging competition. Do have a look at my earlier posts and my book reviews on the “Librarything” widget.
Jewel (Julie Baugh) blog author
I have a website selling paintings (link above), a non-profit hobby business.
Snow Tree, one of my paintings
I also have one or two links to other blogs at the bottom of the page. I am an arty bod, and a member of Clowne Art Group, so I give regular updates on them. 
The Art Group meeting

As well as my own artwork, I like to feature other artists and craftsmen, and indeed anyone doing anything creative in the UK, but particularly in Derbyshire.
Persistence Works, Sheffield

 This week I took a break from art group, and visited the Persistence Works open studios event in Sheffield, on a mission to find an original Christmas present for myself. I visited most of the open studios there and in the adjoining building, and managed to buy a couple of items. I’ll be featuring some of the artists I visited there in the coming weeks. For this week, here’s a mention for Brian Holland and his ceramic (pottery) studio. He likes to produce sculptures, or sometimes pots. I like his landscape sculptures, inspired by rocky landscapes.

Now retired from Further Education, he lives in Derbyshire and runs pottery classes from his workshop. He had some of his students’ work on display as well as his own. 

Under his guidance many years ago, I remember learning how to “throw” a pot on a potter’s wheel. Readers who are old enough may remember contestants trying to do this on The Generation Game, and how often created a crooked looking ashtray or dog bowl! And who can forget the potter’s wheel scene in the film “Ghost”? I wonder if Demi Moore actually took pot throwing lessons before hand, or whether they used a stand in for her hands. At any rate, when I had a go myself, I was able to produce a small pot about 4” high. I found it as difficult as it looks, but fun to watch, and, thankfully, there are also other easier ways to produce a pot or indeed sculpture. Anyway, here’s a link to Brian’s website: http://www.brianhollandceramics.com/About-The-Artist
At studio 14, Persistence Works, I visited another ceramic artist, Sarah Villenau. Her work is inspired by natural subjects, and very easy on the eye. She also runs workshops. http://www.studiopottery.co.uk/profile/Sarah/Villeneau

More next week.


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