Snow business

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After last weekend’s trip out, I was back at the art group this week, where I produced a picture for this year’s Christmas card. Here’s a black and white version. I used pale blue pencil crayon lightly for the clear sky, then black-brown pastel pencil for the tree outlines. I might experiment with different coloured backgrounds on the computer before I print it out. The subject is Peveril Castle, Castleton. The English Heritage website explains that it is one of England’s oldest Norman fortresses, the keep being built by Henry II in 1176. The Peak District Information website gives more information about it, although the weather is keeping it closed at the moment.

One or two members seemed to have stayed away, perhaps because of the snow or Christmas shopping. Kevin was working on a picture of the viaduct at Chatsworth House, which feeds the cascade waterfall below. Sue was working on a blue tinted lake scene, Maggie on a painting of a sculpture of a figure, with lily pads in the pond below it, and Karen on a back view of some elephants walking away. Her mum, Madge, was making progress with a rocky landscape.
The Art Group's Easter Exhibition this year
I have been asked to give a mention to our annual exhibition, which doesn’t take place until Easter, but after Christmas, the group start to work towards this, and it is our main event of the year.
Front cover of Beth's Reflections
This week I would like to introduce the work of local author Beth Winchcombe (she actually writes under the name Beth Richards). Beth was born in Buckinghamshire in 1937, and came from a family with Derbyshire roots. She was a talented pianist but didn’t get the opportunity to study music after school. Instead, she worked in offices, married and had a daughter, before beginning to write poetry in her 30s. Later in life, she began to paint, illustrating the covers of her books (such as "Reflections" above) with her paintings. She and husband Geoff moved to Clowne in about 1999. Food For Thought is her 8th book, and consists of two thirds poetry, the rest being short stories. One of these stories is about her life, but the rest are fiction. She says that inspiration can come to her at any time, and that her friends and family give her ideas. I have reviewed her work in my Librarything widget (below right). Click on the widget to read this review, and also of Reflections.  Her books are available on Amazon, here's a link to the page for "Food for Thought".
Front cover of Beth's recent book "Food for Thought", a collection of poetry and prose

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