Fuddle huddle

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
“Ever since it’s been snowing, my mother in law hasn’t stopped looking through the window. I’m letting her in next week”, quipped one of the art group members, whose identity is perhaps best kept anonymous. Everyone was full of stories about how the snow had affected them, whether having to walk miles home from work and retrieve their car days later, or having shopping stuck in the post for weeks on end. It seems hard to believe it is almost Christmas time again, as we debated what food we would all bring in for next week’s annual “fuddle” (party). I’m hoping Maggie will do the lovely vegetarian pastry thing she made last year, and have been wondering what I’ll make myself.

The photos I took in last week's snow gave me some inspiration for this week’s painting, which is another snowy tree. It is not entirely completed, and I will be doing more to it at next week’s art group meeting. It won’t be worth starting anything new next week because we will finish early for the fuddle. This painting is for my art group friends, and I might do more snowy paintings in the coming weeks, so that I have plenty of Christmas cards for next year.
I used water soluble pencil crayons for the background and the tree itself, and extra snow is picked out in white acrylic. I began by drawing the outline of the tree, then coloured the sky in pale blue. I applied water to it, creating a wash, and working it around the outline of the tree. I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way – it’s probably best to use a watercolour or acrylic wash so that you can wet the paper first, and then apply the paint, which creates a smoother effect. Still, it’s fun to experiment. The pencil crayon was ideal for picking out the details of the twigs, though. I dampened the hollow middle of the tree with a small brush to intensify the darker colours in that area. Because the sky came out a bit uneven, I cropped some areas of the sky on the computer after downloading it.

I have a new book review this week, Neil Killion’s Lifecycles, on my Librarything widget, below. I’d previously only reviewed his blog, but have now read the full book. Both these put forward a completely new concept of forces that affect how someone’s life unfolds. Although his work is not strictly scientifically proven, he developed his ideas though carrying out over 40 case studies, so it can’t be that far off being science. I found it an interesting read, anyway.

More next week.


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