Happy 2011

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
 Although all the real life snow here has now disappeared for the time being, I’m on the second week of my “Snow Trees” painting, after letting let the blue sky dry this week. This time I have started to add the outline of the trees, using burnt umber with a tiny bit of black added, creating the nearest shade I can to Van Dyke brown (a very dark brown). I have left white the left side of the trees, which had snow blown onto them. I did the painting in the evening, and by the light of day, I could see that some of the tree trunks needed another coat of brown as the canvas was showing through in places. Next week, I will start adding snow and detail, that’s when it should really come to life.

 There were several arty presents under the tree this year. The 3D doodle book should prove interesting and I’ll be taking it along to art group so I wonder what they’ll make of it. I was also given both a small and a large drawing pad, and some oil pastels, replacing the ones I bought in April, which turned out more like wax crayons - even the little one complains that they are not good enough for him. He’s not getting his mitts on these beauties, though. The origami paper was a stocking filler, and I asked my parents to bring some old origami books from home that I used to use years ago. I have been able to produce an elaborate looking “Spanish box” already. The “Right Price activity paper” is because they couldn’t find any coloured pastel paper for me, and at the top left you can see a collapsible water pot, which my son used of as a hat for his toy dog, with half a toy hamster’s exercise ball as a blue cape for it, and the other half as a hat for himself.
Love that plastic skullcap!
At the time of writing, New Year celebrations have been taking place around the world, although not here yet for a few hours. By the time Google picks this new post up, it will be the New Year. Last week, a certain family member received a card from a friend with the usual seasonal greeting and some words he hadn’t come across before. “What’s this ‘happy zoll’?” he asked. “Happy 2011” I replied, and on that note, it only remains to wish all readers a happy New Year and compliments of the season.

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