Making use of the snow

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Although the recent cold weather here in the UK seems to have caused a lot of inconvenience, I am making the most of the opportunity to create some lovely snowy pictures. At art group, I tried to depict this group of trees in chalk pastel, but I feel it needs a thicker medium that would enable me to put light over dark, to show the snow on the trees. I found pastel isn’t quite up to this, so in the New Year, I will be trying the same thing in oils on canvas. I was inspired by an artist I saw at Patchings, who painted some lovely blue shadows on his snow paintings – it looked just right and I’ll try to follow his approach.

At art group, we had our annual Christmas “huddle” party.  Most members were there. It wasn’t particularly warm even with all the heating on, but it still enjoyable as always. I took along a rice salad from my “I want Chocolate Cake and I Want it Now” book. I was given this book as a present a few years ago, and it has proved very useful for cooking for parties when I am asked to bring something along. It has a sort of Bridget Jones feel to it, with sections on romance food, swimsuit food, slob out food, party food - even food for when you have been dumped! The rice salad was a bit garlicky, but in the past the couscous salad has been a hit. For our Easter exhibition, I suggested having some card display stands and I’m looking into prices at the moment. I might also create a fan page on Facebook for our group, for extra publicity and to announce forthcoming events.
Our tree at home - Merry Christmas to all readers
This blog is now on Amazon Kindle, so welcome to anyone who is reading this from there.
Tazin's blog
This week, I am featuring the work of another blogger (above). I read many excellent blogs that I feel deserve a wider audience, and this is a good example. Tazin Damji is a professional artist and interior designer who seeks out beautiful things for the home. Tazin’s blog is at: “Being Tazin” is worth a look for the fascinating Swahili architecture photos and review of a book on beautiful libraries around the world (the book would probably be available worldwide via Amazon). Her blog has promoted handmade crafts in her “handmade with love” event , it sometimes features guest posts by other bloggers and holds giveaway events. Many of the makers and suppliers she features trade in America, but some of these may export overseas. For UK readers, the “Simple Human” canisters mentioned on the first page of her blog, can be ordered from their UK website.

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