Gesso guess

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Here’s the “fantasy bug” I’ve been helping my son with, mentioned last week. We’ve since added antennae and legs made from pipe cleaners to finish it off.
I’ve painted the blue parts of my abstract triptych, using a tiny watercolour brush to do the tight sharp points at the edges of some of the shapes. Luckily, the blue came out thicker than the magenta. Next stop, pale green, then I will complete it by painting the parts where the colours “overlap”. Margaret at art group told us that she was using magenta and it was translucent, so perhaps it’s how that particular colour is (see previous post for my experience of this). She had bought some canvases bought from our local Aldi, and was having to treat them with gesso first. For those of you not in the know, gesso is a primer for canvas. Fortunately, we had some good quality gesso in our materials box. She painted a large circle in metallic blue-grey, leaving a white silhouette of a bird landing, and she will paint the bird in later.

Karen gave us some promotional posters she'd produced for our forthcoming exhibition, ready to hand out to friends and relatives, and display in as many places as possible. She was painting a dark background for her next picture, which I think was going to be a “moody” sky. She helped her mum Madge get started on a new picture.

John has found a shop willing to display his stunning animal pastel pictures. He has almost completed his tiger now, which has taken many hours.

I added two rabbits to my snow trees oil picture, but they are not quite complete yet.  You can see them when they are.

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