Ladybird, Ladybird

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
This week I have been busy with some Moroccan-inspired designs, using the computer to help me copy the basic motifs and change the colours.
In preparation for the art group exhibition, I have printed out some of the designs and stuck them on a large sheet of paper to show how the idea developed. I often try to give people attending any event I do something interesting to look at like this, not just flog my paintings (or try to!) I have begun to print publicity posters and have already taken two into the community centre, and will take one to the library, although the latter are not allowed to have posters on their notice board, and will have to put it in their Events book which people have to ask to see, so let’s hope they do.

At art group, Kevin proudly showed us a miniature of a windmill at sunset, which he’d painted at another group. It measured about 13 cm x 12 cm (about 5” x 4¾”), the size that would fit into a CD case. His wife, Barbara, another group member, was working on a similar size painting of some houses and trees by a waterfall. It was her birthday and we had chocolate cake and sang happy birthday to her. Elizabeth was doing a watercolour painting of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, but without the water around it, as the tide was out. Sue was working on a painting of a sunset over a river, possibly the Thames (I thought I could see the Houses of Parliament in the distance). I gave another coat of magenta to my triptych, it may even need more before I can do the turquoise and green I’m planning.
This week, I went to look round our local secondary school, and was pleasantly surprised to see that children nowadays are able to do pottery and sculpture at school, not just drawing and painting. My own son has had to produce a “fantasy bug” for his homework, so I had to remind myself how to do papier mache this week. A rather large and plump ladybird is gradually taking shape, and will hopefully survive the journey to school.

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