Marrakech Medley

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
“Oooh!” said Karen at art group, as she saw what I was drawing this week. The weather has turned colder over about the past 10 days and I’m back in my hat and gloves, just as I’d got out of them. To warm things up a bit, I have been inspired by a book I bought several years ago on a trip to Morocco, so cue something a bit – well - toastier.  So here we have a bellydancer, complete with purple background curtain. Exotic yet understated. I’m also planning to do some geometric designs, inspired by the Tombs of the Saadian Kings, in Marrakech.
I’ve continued with my triptych, and this week you can actually see the patterns as I’ve picked out the magenta parts, whereas last week, I’d only done the white bits, hence I didn't bother showing it to you then - you wouldn't have been able to see anything. Getting to and from art group with one wet oil painting, let alone three, has proved tricky, so this is one for home. The magenta was a new tube, and unfortunately all the oil seemed to have floated to the top end, because they are stored upright hanging from racks in the shop. I stirred it in but it meant that the paint was a bit thin and will need another coat – a job for later this week.
Elizabeth had returned from a cruise, which had warmed her up nicely, only to cool down again when she arrived back home. The Panama Canal had been an unforgettable experience, as had Alcapulco (I don’t know if she went “loco” there, in the words of the song – but perhaps she didn’t “stay too long”). She was working on a picture of Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, which Gill has painted before.

I have a new link at the bottom of the page, Alistair Rice is (like me) from the UK but (unlike me, sadly) is young.  His blog gives his interesting and entertaining opinions on every subject under the sun.

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