The "Marmalade Sandwich"

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
At school, I remember one of the other girls had a bag with a cute and cuddly Paddington Bear on it and a caption underneath that said something on the lines of “Life is like a marmalade sandwich. You only get out of it what you put into it”. As with life, so with art exhibitions, and I seem to have done little else but prepare for ours for about the past month. As my son will be off school next week, I’m having to complete all my paintings by Saturday, to give the oils time to dry. The triptych is almost complete now, and I’ve used a magnifier to try and get all the tight angles looking as good as possible. The devil’s in the detail.

At our last meeting, Karen had the idea of a “new members display” with information about the club, to encourage people to join. I therefore threw something together on Sunday evening while the little one was in the bath (which resulted in rather a long bath!) but what I hope is an effective display that does what says on the tin.

I’ve let several newspapers know about the event, and (feeling a bit like a Jehovas witness), distributed some flyers amongst friends and family (“you can use it as a shopping list if you don’t want it”), and put others up in libraries and other public places.
Exhibition leaflet - the boxes around the text won't show
Finally, I’ve re-designed the leaflet. The previous one hasn’t had any space for members to show samples of their work or list their websites, awards or exhibitions, so I’ve added these in, and also a floor plan – although the cricket pavilion isn’t a big area, we’ll be putting a lot into it. A bit like a marmalade sandwich, really.

I’ve also test baked a batch of healthy options blueberry muffins (see last week’s post), to be sold in aid of funds. Elizabeth (another art group member) was my poison tester and gave them her seal of approval. I have also test-frozen one of them to see if they freeze well. I haven’t test defrosted or test eaten it yet. And I spent yesterday morning helping Elizabeth get her paintings ready for the show. As she has arthritis, it is difficult for her to frame her paintings, so I helped by cutting the edges off to neaten them and wrapping then in cellophane to keep them clean and make them look presentable.

As with marmalade sandwiches, so with art shows. But will I get anything out of it? Watch this space.

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