Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit .... er kitten!

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Altogether aaah! One of the kittens we can choose from
After a 2-3 month wait, we have finally come up on the waiting list for a new kitten, so I hope to be doing some artwork based on her soon. For now, I have added a little more to my Snow Bunnies picture. As you can see, there is now another rabbit, although he must have been telling fibs because his nose is a bit long. It makes his head look like a kangaroo's.  I’ll be putting that right once the paint is dry enough. I have also added a bit to the foreground foliage.

After all the excitement of last weekend’s exhibition, it was back down to earth again this week, as our group met up again.  I have been trying to think of ideas to help those whose paintings aren’t selling:

1. In the leaflet, I am going to set aside a page at the front for next year’s designated “featured artist”, a non-seller, who will have a whole page to themselves, and larger or more copies of pictures of their artwork than the others.

2. I am hoping to persuade Maggie to set aside the display boards nearest the refreshment area, for each non-seller to have some of their paintings on display.
That’s all I’ve been able to come up with so far. If any of you readers can think of anything else (especially things that don’t cost anything) answers on a postcard (sorry – by way of comments below) please.
We did have a lower turnout than usual this year, although perhaps better than I’d originally thought, as I have been told that the Sunday was busy. Most members were happy with the attendance, anyway.

Finally, just a quick mention for my bookbinder friend Heather, who is doing a craft fair at Hatfield House this week.  She has had to buy a pop-up tent just for this occasion, so would love it if people could visit the craft fair.  I featured her work last year in "Bookbinder Ahoy" which you can see in my archives (link here). http://jewelsartyblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/progress-with-clowne-painting-and.html

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