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Just a first draft

Now we have our new kitten at home, I have begun to try to depict her in oil pastels.  To be honest, the lines have come out too thick, so I will need to either make the painting bigger or perhaps use chalk pastels instead.  Fur needs fine lines.  Most of the art group are interested in doing “Kizzie” as a group project, and I have sent some photos of her to them all.
Looking like butter wouldn't melt

Much as she has been an inspiration on the art front, puss is in danger of becoming a liability to my belly dancing hobby – see link to my other blog (below right).   I don’t think I’ve mentioned my other blog before, but it has been going for 11 weeks now, so there’s probably enough content now to justify a mention.   It is on similar lines to this one, but I haven’t joined a group to do it (there’s nothing locally), it’s just something I do on my own, but still fun all the same.

Here is Karen’s “Best in Show” “Who Me?” which I promised to feature recently.  She was working on this painting last weekend.

I also need to give a mention to http://www.thehealthymoms.net/ as they were going to mention me in their blog.  Note the article on the front page.  Apparently, a lot of American mums run small businesses, like me with my art website (link above).  You often see links to book or craft shops from their blogs.

I have been in touch with the tourism department at our local council and am on the trail of new places to exhibit (as usual).   Meantime, Kevin and Margaret have arranged for us to have a display of our work at Barrow Hill Church, near Staveley this coming Saturday.  Meanwhile, I’ve heard from Retford museum that we can have a group display there in February 2013, and have accepted this date.  However, I am still hoping for something sooner elsewhere.

We are also looking for new members, and everyone is welcome, if any of you readers out there fancy a dabble, and your first session is free.  Just turn up at Clowne Cricket Club at 9.30 on a Saturday armed with your art materials and give it a go.

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