Unaccustomed as I am ....

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
… I have reached my 100th blog post and to mark the occasion, am trying to start each of my posts on all three of my blogs with the above words.
Clowne Enterprise forum attendees networking after the speakers had finished
It was indeed a case of “unaccustomed as I am”, when last night I did a presentation to a group of businesspeople, promoting my website and blogs.   I am not used to public speaking, and had not been encouraged when, earlier the same day, I rehearsed my speech to our cat, who promptly fell asleep.  Although I could have said much more, I set a time limit of 10 minutes, in the hope of not boring the pants off everyone.  I covered what I hoped was some useful ways of promoting a website or blog, woven in with plugs for all of mine.  I recommended books I’d read, and useful websites such as the Blog Frog (SITS forum).  I created some notes for circulation on which I included a link to Theresa Sheridan’s blog, which has 56 places to list a site or blog http://www.theresasheridan.com/blog/56-places-to-list-your-website-or-blog-for-free/.  I hope I might gain some more readers that way and perhaps they will find what I said useful.   I took plenty of promotional material and distributed it, collecting any unused items at the end.  This included the art group’s Easter exhibition brochure, of which we’d had 100 copies and are now down to 28. 
Talking of which …
“We now officially exist” I told the group when I went last time, and proudly showed them a printed copy of the Clowne Art Group Face Book page, featuring copies of all their artwork and an update on meeting times.  I am hoping some of them will join it, so the updates show up on their profiles, but only Kevin seems to be a member.  Some of the others have family members who belong to it, though, and said they would have a look.  I suggested having photos of members on the page, but Kevin commented with a sideways glance, “won’t that put people off?”

On a slightly less happy note, I’d wanted to create a Twitter page for the Art group but soon discovered that Twitter doesn’t seem to like you to have more than one page nowadays. I already have one for my website and blogs, and I suppose Twitter must have had problem with people trying to create too many pages, so are not allowing people to create more than one. C’est la vie.

My final go at puss in this pose is now underway – I am nearly done, but it just needs a bit more work on the fur, especially the darker bits.  There are still bits of blue showing through from the paper.

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