Lighthouse week 3

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa

Here’s a slightly early update this week, as I try to catch up after the teachers’ strike and INSET days.
I completed my Hunstanton Lighthouse picture at the weekend, and I invited the other art group members to comment on it. One of them thought that it would look better if I put water onto it to make it a painting (the crayons are water soluble), but I can’t as the picture is done on cartridge paper and might buckle if I tried. In any case, I like it as a drawing. For this upload, I have slightly enhanced the colours so you can see it better. 

Just a quick mention for Psykopaint – I have finally managed to get into the site and create a Monet-style painting of the lighthouse – here it is (still looking a bit too much like a photo for my liking - I think I would need to spend longer on it).  You can choose from either creating your own painting or adapting a photograph that you upload.  There is a choice of brushes and famous artist styles to choose from.  The site address is: and it is quite good fun.  I am hoping to make use of it to help me decide on the right sort of medium when I am planning a painting. 
Another fun art site is Jackson Pollock (Miltos Minitos) site:  You can create your own Jackson Pollock-style painting - every time you click your mouse it changes the colour of the paint.  My son used to love it when he was a toddler, and I’m sure lots of adults would enjoy it too - a very pleasant way to spend a few free minutes.

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