Canadian Rockies and free printable

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I will be adding this to my selling website (link above) this week
Last week, I completed my Canadian Rockies painting and tookit along for the art group members to view and comment on.  As everyone seemed to like it, I am not goingto change it now.

At art group, Elizabeth completed a dramatic lookingmountain.  Her landscapes usually lookcool and calm so the strong colours of this painting were a departure from herusual style.
"I can help you say thank you"
Christmas preparations are probably well underway for mostpeople now, and in just over a month, the whole thing will be over and we will probablybe thinking about writing some thank you letters.  I recently designed my own thank you notewhen I ran out of them.  Now I’ve put itonto Flickr as a free printable, for everyone to download and use.  All you need is a sheet of A4 paper to printonto, then fold it to create a small “card”. Although it says on Flickr that it’s copyright, I haven’t changed it to “creativecommons” because I live in England and we have different copyright law toAmerica, so all I will say is that the design is mine and I am happy for you toprint it off and use this as much as you like, but if you use the design inanything you publish, please attribute it to me.  My Flickr widget is further down the page on the right, if you want to reach it this way, or follow this link:

I have included instructions on downloading and printing thecard, and would like to know whether people find these helpful to use.  If the card is popular, I might put otherones on in future.  So let me know, either by a comment on this blog, or on Flickr.

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