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This week, I’ve tackled something I’ve often wanted to do but didn’t know where to begin.  I didn’t think I could do cartoons, until I was helping my small son draw something in a book he was making, and bingo! The pygmy mouse lemur that I drew happened to look a bit cartoony. That inspired me to have a go at doing our cat.

You can see more of the results over on my Kizzie Cat blog), but here’s a little picture I did at last art group, it still needs tidying up, but she looks quite sweet with her present.  I commented to the other members that doing cartoons is not for the faint hearted, you have to “go for it” and dare to put pen to paper.   I have also found that it’s best not to put too much detail in either.
At art group, Karen had been painting a snowy mountain top using a palette knife to good effect.  She had used light brush strokes to suggest detail on top of it.  Sue was working on a realistic looking scene from Wales, Maggie a few more elves or nymphs, and Kevin another watercolour landscape.  Gill had completed her garden painting, using a photograph of a real garden, photographed through an ornately carved window frame.  This gave an attractive “frame” to the painting.  It was one of her first goes at doing something that wasn’t still life, and had worked well for her.

John proudly showed us his framed picture of a group of apes he’d drawn in chalk pastel.  Next to it was a framed picture of the black poodle-like dog he’d been working on for the past few months.  Hayden was busy creating the colourful background of his next painting.

More next week.

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