This week at art group, Jim showed us a painting he’d done,of a snow covered lane with trees gradually disappearing into thedistance.  “I’m inspired by John AtkinsonGrimshaw, who used to paint Scarborough in a similar style”, he said.  Atkinson Grimshaw was a Victorian painter whowas well known for his depiction of light and detail.  Very little is known about his life, butseveral of his children went on to become artists.  Having looked at this article on Wikipedia,which tells you more about his work and gives two examples of his work, I haveto say that Jim’s painting was very much in Grimshaw’s style.

Elizabeth was painting some baby turtles she’d seen onholiday.  She told us how small groups ofvisitors were handed tiny, newly hatched turtles to release onto the beach andwatch as they waddled away into the sea to begin their new lives – or morelikely, be eaten by other animals. “Did you race them?” I asked - I would havewanted to bet on whose would be first to the sea.   Apparentlynot.   The turtles swim thousands of miles and onlyone in a thousand would return to the place where they hatched.  It’s a serious business – and according toElizabeth, a stirring sight, reducing some of the holidaymakers to tears, notgambling.
This article gives you more information about baby sea turtles :

The art group are gearing up for Christmas.  We won’t be meeting on Christmas Eve, andwill have our “fuddle” (a local dialect word for party) the weekendbefore.  I am wondering what culinarydelight to rustle up this time.  Pastaand rice dishes haven’t proved popular in the past, so it may have to be the reducedfat exhibition muffins, which were such a hit.  Also, some members like to give others a Christmas card that they havedesigned and produced themselves.   Lastyear, they had to make do with one from Wilkos, but this time, I am in themiddle of designing a small cartoon of our small but fast growing cat.  Perhaps I’ll do some for my son to give hisclassmates too as he quite liked it.  Youcan see it at the top of the page.

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