Have completed this - now time for something to remind me more directly of Tenb y
Almost the end of another year, and I have now completed myTree of Life painting and am able to show it to you.  It should be making an appearance on myselling site (link above) within the next week. 
After a couple of weeks’ break from art group, I am gettingready for my next project, Tenby harbour. Tenby has a pretty harbour, which is also unusually large just to havebeen used for fishing.  It size makes methink it must have been an important area, and from a quick web search, severalcenturies ago, it seems to have been used for importing goods as well asfishing.  If I had had more time, andthere had been less tourists around, I would liked to have painted it while Iwas actually on location.  Painting onlocation is not something I’ve tried recently but Kevin at art group sometimesdoes, and he’d wanted us to have a group field trip a couple of years ago to alocal beauty spot.  The idea never gotoff the ground, mainly due to lack of toilet facilities in the area, which putmany of the members off.  I wonderwhether painting scenery from real life makes the perspective aspect easier orharder than using a photo. 

Pretty - yet big at the same time
I am looking forward to this painting taking shape over the coming weeks and hope you will join me for updates on its progress.

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