Tree of Life 2

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa

I am a couple of days late with this week’s update.  I hope nobody minds as I have been doing someimportant work on my art selling website this week (link above).  Amongst other things, I have added a newpainting, Canadian Rockies, and also one of the artists, Sue, has put some newwork on, in place of some of her previous work. 

After my foray into the cartoon world, I have returned to myTenby visit-inspired Tree of Life.  I wanted tomake it more colourful than just the usual brown tree shades, so as anexperiment, am painting it to look like a stained glass window.  If this doesn’t work, I can always go overthe colours in brown or black.  Some ofthe paint will have to have a second coat, particularly the royal blue on thetrunk.

At art group, our usual meeting room at the cricket club wasbeing used for a Christening party that afternoon, and towards the end of ourbooked time, grandparents arrived to drop the food off.  There were canapés and enormous, deliciouslooking gateaux.  It made me hungry - toobad I had to go shopping afterwards, before making my way home to beans ontoast.

Some of the party were interested in what we weredoing.  One granddad in particular noticedmy tree of life and told me that he’d learnt to paint trees using wire “wirewool?” I enquired.  No, apparently, just apiece of wire, and you build the paint up in layers.  I’d never heard of painting by this methodbefore.   A Google search under “paintingtrees using wire” came up with all manner of information on creating wire treesfor train sets  and sculpture, and evenhow to kill a tree using wire, but nothing on painting with wire.  Anyway, I did find this article on how topaint trees in the normal way, in case anyone is interested.

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