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The scene is set - even our dining room table was a work of art
Christmas was busy this year, with a big family gathering at our house, and all the usual indulgences. To help walk it off, we went for a stroll around Creswell Crag. This is an ancient limestone gorge, with caves that were inhabited thousands of years ago. The visitor centre was closed but the Crag itself has a public footpath and we were able to take a walk around it. It is a place that has often been depicted in paintings, and indeed has some cave paintings from ancient times. These are a long way inside the caves and cannot be viewed from the outside. I’ve been on a cave tour, when Church Hole Cave was open for us to view the carvings of animals, like a primitive art gallery. This website gives more information and photos of the artwork. http://www.stone-circles.org.uk/stone/creswellcrags.htm

I have kept the pencilwork light, so apologies if it is difficult to see
With Christmas and New Year over for another year, I wasback at art group last weekend, where I began my Tenby harbour painting.  I have been trying to make the pencil drawingas accurate a reflection of the photograph as I can, to give the best possiblebasis for painting on top.  It doesn’tlook much yet, but expect it to come to life when colour is added.  I have kept the pencilwork light so that it won't show through the paint.

At art group, we all chatted about how we’d spent Christmas,what presents we’d had and whether well received or not.  It felt good to get out of the house again,and to have a conversation with people outside of the family.  John was working on a painting of a terrier,and Karen on one of some ducks in water against a dark background.  Sue was doing a painting of cottages in theHunstanton area, while Maggie was working on more fantasy elf-type figures.

I’ve now added my recent Tree of Life to my selling site,link at top of page.   The price is £35, whichincludes p&p to anywhere in the UK mainland (I can also export).

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