Carew Castle 1

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Whilst reading other people’s art blogs, I came acrosssomeone who’d done a test on the Art Institute of Vancouver’s website to seewhether the left or right side of her brain was dominant (apparently the rightside is the more creative half).  Herresults showed that she did use that side more, side and she was indeed creative, so nosurprises there. The article contained a link to the test, and, without furtherado, I clicked through to it and gave it a try.

The test generates a short report on how you are usingdifferent aspects of your brain, with the option of generating a longer reportif you wish to pay for it.  According tothe test, I am not particularly creative, but more the sort of person who wouldbe good at science, law or perhaps make a good librarian.  I would be good at the more visual aspects ofmaths such as geometry but would find things like algebra more difficult.   So much for that. 
Creative or not, then, on with the nextproject, and this week I have been going through some photos of Carew castle, near Tenby, to see which one would bethe best subject for a painting.   This one (above) with the reflection looks the mostlikely.  We visited the castle on a sunnyday and, as luck would have, it I have lots of blue paint to use up at the moment.

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