Tenby Harbour 6 - and St Catherine's Island

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
First of all, apologies that I am a day late with updatingmy blog this week, but there has been a problem with our internet service provider, and I havebeen forced off line for a few days.  Normal service has now resumed.   I’vecompleted the Tenby Harbour picture by adding some railings to part of theharbour wall, and completed some other small details in that part of thepainting.  Now, I have made a start on anew picture – this will be a pencil drawing of a small island on Tenby beach,known as St Catherine’s Island.  Thissmall limestone island is cut off from the mainland by tides, and has a 19thcentury fort standing on it.   It is manyyears since it has been occupied, but the island still makes an interestingaddition to the coastline.

I decided to make this quite a large picture, to enable meto get some detail into it.  There areflowers in the foreground, which seem to be the sort of subject that needs abit of colour, so I am considering adding some, but I want to keep it delicate.
The photo the painting will be based on
While I have been offline, I took the opportunity of viewinga DVD of “Tamara Drewe” that I bought last year after reading the Posy Simmondsbook of the same title.  Although thefilm is based on the book, and although the director, Stephen Frears ininterview said that he’d kept the storyline the same, a lot of it seemed to mequite different.  Without wanting tospoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the film, the ending was happier than Iremember in the book.  I wonder whetherthis was because so much of the film is light entertainment, and they wanted toavoid too much tragedy in order to keep it that way.   I would have liked to have seen the writersfeatured a bit more, especially the Scottish one, who seemed quite a character.The actress who plays Beth was better looking than expected, and the Americanwriter was thinner.  Roger Allam wasNicholas to a tee, as was Gemma Arterton as Tamara.  The Buff Orpingtons (chickens) got a mention,but I was disappointed that they left out the bit about the male and femalegoats being introduced, which I found so entertaining in the book. In spite ofthese differences, it is a well made film and worth watching.  My advice is: if you are in a hurry, watchthe film, but if you have time, read the book, and if you are a real fan, doboth.

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