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No this isn't where the art group meet!  The inspiration ..
I've had my weekly pilgrimage to cricket pavillion for art group again. Sue and Maggie had had their exhibition at Harthill, which just about broke even. They are planning another one which they hope will this time actually raise some funds for the Tuesday group. Gill suggested that our group could exhibit at Brimmington, near Chesterfield, hopefully later this year, or early next year. It can’t be too soon – we need time to advertise. She was busy working on a painting of some “Love in a mist” (a type of flower also known as Nigella).

...The resulting painting
“You’ve missed a leaf out” said John, as he peered over at my painting of Llyn Brianne Reservoir, done from a photo taken on holiday in Wales. “Which one?” I wondered, before pointing out that he’d missed out a whisker from his chalk pastel lion picture.

I had difficulty in deciding on an artistic approach to do justice to this stunningly beautiful scenery. In real life, the reservoir’s water was a velvety black, with patches of brilliant white highlights where it caught the sun. The trees were mainly firs. I felt that if I’d painted it an intense black it would have looked wrong, so I settled for blue, to reflect the sky. For the sky itself, I dabbed some of the colour off with a dry tissue to create clouds. I have made the hills a little taller, as the camera always seems to flatten them. I plan to add this picture to the selling website in the next week or two (link above).

This week, we took the little one to Cadbury World, and were able to see parts of the factory (from behind screens) and see the exhibitions there. I had the opportunity of photographing some old chocolate packaging, and you can see how it is has developed and become brighter coloured and more sophisticated over the years. This advertising poster "Delicious and Wholesome" I photographed there looks like an antique now. On the subject of design, I have been reading “Design” by Paul Rodgers and have reviewed it on my Librarything widget (see right). A recommended read for anyone interested in design.

I have been given a disc of Sue and Karen’s photos from the wildlife park trip, so plan to use these for my next work of art.
A computer generated chocolate simulation of yours truly!

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