Drawing the lion

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After last weekend’s fete, this week, I was back to art group as usual. I decided to take part in the “big cats” group project suggested by Karen two weeks ago, and whilst waiting for copies of the photos she and Sue had taken, found a photo of my own to use for a practice go – or two.

Snow Leopard 1

As planned, Karen contacted the wildlife centre where they had taken the photos to ask if they wanted to display our artwork but, as not planned, they said no, as apparently “they won’t sell”.

We are still going ahead with the project, and will display the pictures at our next exhibition. Karen’s mum, Madge, was therefore busy working on a picture of some lions, although Karen herself was painting a small bird.

Gill came up with an idea for an alternative venue at Killarmarsh, so perhaps we will end up exhibiting there instead. Kevin had begun work on a scene of Chesterfield, featuring the famous crooked spire, while his wife, Barbara, was busy on a seaside scene with some cliffs. Elizabeth was continuing with her Venice painting, having conquered the difficult perspective. Margaret was doing a heron, which is a change from her usual swans. She told us about her daughters’ imaginative photography and artwork. One daughter got the other to pose against a sunset in order to get a photo to do a painting of a tightrope walker against a sunset. She didn’t actually use a tightrope, just made her pose as if walking on one and painted her in silhouette. She also did a similar thing with an umbrella.
Fed up of this now

I also added some ripples/shadows to my first Wales picture, as my husband felt they were needed, and – ta da! Here it is. He keeps suggesting alterations every time I show it him, so I won’t let him see it again.

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