Autumn Pathways

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Autumn has arrived in the UK, with the leaves on the trees beginning to turn yellow and brown. It’s harvest festival time again and, this year, our local church is supporting the “Pathways” charity, which runs a day centre for homeless people living in B&B who have to be out of their accommodation during the day. The charity was set up by Terry Waite, whose book, “Taken on Trust” I reviewed on my “Librarything” widget some time ago. Here’s a link to their website:

Unfortunately, Blogger has changed the way I can upload photos – they have to be in “Picasa”. They already are, as they go into it each time I upload a picture onto my blog, but it still won’t let me do it. I’ve put posted a plea for help on the Blog Catalog “Blogger” group, and am hoping someone will see it and know what to do. I am sure other people will have had this problem and hopefully one of them will have worked it out. So far I have tried:

1. Uploading new pictures into Picasa, and adding tags and comments to help my blog find them. It couldn’t.

2. When this didn’t work, I tried the URL option and put the Picasa page’s URL into the Blogger upload pictures box. It didn’t recognise it.

3. “Disabling backlinks” on my blogger settings. Still no luck.

4. linking my Picasa web albums with my Google profile, as well as trying to make my albums publicly visible on Picasa. Nope.

5. Clicking the Picasa’s “share on Blogger button” simply put the picture into a new blank post, which I didn’t want to do, I wanted it in my existing post, to illustrate it.

6. I’d planned to formally join “Picasa” this morning, giving them any necessary details in case that was what the problem was, but it seems to recognise that it’s me and not need me to join.

I’ll keep having new ideas to try, and will let you know what the answer is if I find it. After all an art blog isn’t much good without pictures, is it? Perhaps Blog Catalog readers will be able to help, although the last time I posted a query, one person suggested I try Wordpress instead, and another just put a link to his own blog “kiss my links, it’s the real deal” (and it wasn't about using "Blogger").  Eventually I sorted it out myself. Readers, do feel free to add a “comment” to tell me what to do if you know.

At art group this week, I have been working on a watery Welsh scene of a bay close to where we stayed in the summer, on the coastline of the Cardigan area. I decided to try it in pencil only this time. I wanted to show the picture, but guess what!

I’d also wanted to show one of my web gallery artist’s paintings of the church this week. Sue no longer has the original painting, but can produce A5 greetings cards to order for £1.50 each (hopefully coming soon). Instead, I am featuring a link to “Paperworx” who produce some highly original recycled cardboard furniture. I’d hoped to include photos of some of these but e-mailed the artist and never heard back, and in a picture free week, this seemed to be a good one to include.

Circumstances forced a change of plans to the visit to the art shop, but I hope to visit soon. This week, I will be doing painting of a different kind, as we begin to decorate our house. I will be starting on the kitchen ceiling today, and resisting the urge to do a “Michelangelo” on it.

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