Last of the Summer Whine

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
Autumn has once again arrived in the UK. Tescos have had their Christmas chocolates on display for over a month now and, at the cricket club, the art group have had to move the exhibition stands and other equipment from the outdoor container to the umpire’s room ready for winter. It didn’t take so long this time, so we must be getting better organised as time goes on. We also had the use of a wheelbarrow, and I jokingly asked Karen if she wanted a ride. If she had accepted, at our ages we would almost have looked like a female version of something out of “Last of the Summer Wine”.

Because I had to help move the equipment, I knew I wouldn’t have long to spend on painting. This week, therefore, seemed a good opportunity to do something simple and try out a “dippy” pen I was given for last year’s birthday. Pen and ink is not the most forgiving of media. Once you’ve made a line with ink, you are more or less stuck with it, but on the plus side, it does dry quickly. It seems to lend itself well to depicting buildings, perhaps because it is so precise.

Rufty Tufty first go ...

The nib was rather thick, and perhaps that’s why the ink seemed to run out too quickly for my liking. Once I got bored of it, I changed to a roller ball-type pen I had with me. This worked well, and although I wasn’t particularly pleased with my rough first effort, a second go at home that evening proved much more satisfactory.
...and much slicker finished version

This week, I am hoping to take some of my work to a shop in a nearby town to see if they will accept it for display, so “give me covering fire”, as they used to say in the westerns.

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