In Search of Exhibition Space 2

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
“You look like something from the sixties” said my husband. “But I am something from the sixties” I replied, “Mummy, you look like a monkey”, added my small son. Such were the comments on my new furry gilet, bought to keep me warm at art group, as indeed it did. I’d seen youngsters wearing tiny gilets and skintight jeans, which was the effect I was trying to create, but with three layers underneath, it didn’t quite hit the spot. Still who needs glamour when you can be toasty?
This week, I have added more white to my Snow Trees. Once it’s dry, I can add more subtle colours on top.

On my travels, I visited the swish new library at nearby Worksop. It has a circular central atrium with lots of glass. Upstairs is an art gallery, where you can exhibit for (cough) £250 for three weeks (including publicity). The small area had a display by a local theatre group, and I was the only person there. Readers may remember that we didn’t have very much luck exhibiting in Worksop last year and the year before, so it may be as well to pass on this one

I have begun a new pen and ink painting - the art group are all trying out this medium this week. All, except John, that is, as he is working on a pastel tiger portrait, which is turning out rather well.

I wonder how many readers realise that there’s rather an attractive website linked to this blog, with lots of lovely paintings, such as this one by Sue Colclough:
Usually, you can tell what Sue’s paintings are of, but I like it when she goes a bit imaginative and abstract.  Link to the website at the top of the page.

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