In search of exhibition space

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
This week found me visiting Chesterfield on a mission to find places to exhibit.

I began with “A for Art”. I’ve written about this shop before, and this time I called in to ask if I could have my work displayed in their window. Armed with the requisite six paintings, I answered various questions: where did I live, how long had I been painting? All my life!, Did I exhibit? Yes, prices, my shoe size (only joking about that one), while he looked at my paintings (some of which had been produced using materials from his shop – although I didn’t say so).  He only liked two of the six, and I wondered later if I should have taken different ones. Although it was a “no”, I always welcome feedback, how else can I improve?
He liked this one
I also enquired about exhibiting at the Tourist Information Centre. I was told to write in to be put on their (two year) waiting list, which I did as soon as I got home – on behalf of both myself and the group. It reminded me of being put on a council house waiting list - let’s hope we get our turn eventually. We could do with something sooner, and so this week I’m looking into a museum, and an exhibition centre – watch this space. Barbara at art group told me that she hadn’t had any luck with Chesterfield library - their three year waiting list is closed for the time being. There does seem to be a shortage of places to exhibit in our area, and I would LOVE to find somewhere in Clowne, where our group is. If you can help, do contact me via the link above.

I have also been busy updating my art website to include delivery in all the prices. Over 170 paintings had to be done, which took two days, and the new version will be live in the coming week.

Colourific by Zoe Edge - this week's artist
At art group, the room had unfortunately been double booked. A children’s party was due to start half an hour before our group’s usual finishing time, and there was lots to do - food to be organised, furniture to be arranged. A children’s entertainer was arriving shortly. Whoever had taken the booking wasn’t contactable, and many of our group had travelled miles to be there, so I suggested we tried to work around the others. I thought it best not to have to be moved around with my wet oil painting though, and went back home, which means I have no progress to show this week.
Zoe's Wild Sea
Turning therefore to my featured artist, this week we have Zoe Edge. A Clowne resident, amateur artist and devoted Spirite (Chesterfield FC supporter), Zoe went to Fountaindale School and is now in her 30s. She loves her family, has many friends and lives life to the full, particularly enjoying fashion, parties and holidays. She has created her own group on Facebook, featuring her art.  Two of my favourites are Colourific, and Wild Sea. I find it difficult to depict the sea, but Zoe does it beautifully.

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