Pen and ink - and snuggly knits

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
As the weather has stayed cold this week, I have put my snow picture on one side for now, as the paint hasn’t dried yet. Instead, I have done a pen and ink picture, with a coloured background. I’ve now done two pictures like this, with different coloured backgrounds. Here’s the first one: I did a colourwash, then drew in the outline of the trees, and inked them in. To create the wash, I first of all raised the top end of my pad up on some books, to create a slant. I dampened the paper all over with a wet brush, starting at the top, moving it from side to side, and working my way to the bottom. I then put plenty of watercolour on the brush, because it dries lighter (any water-based colour would do), and did the same again, and the colour gradually got paler. At first there were lines where the paint had been, but these blended to create continuous colour as the paint dried. Sometimes you can be left with lines when it dries, and it can take practice to get it right.

While the paper was still wet, I turned the pad around the other way, and did the same thing with another colour, leaving it paler in the middle between the two, as there would be with this kind of sky at sunset or sunrise. I think it is quite effective. I produced another one today using red and yellow, but it isn’t finished yet.

This week, I am featuring a craft blog, from Renate (I don’t know her surname), who lives in Gjorvik in Norway. She is 28 years old, lives with her partner and two cats, works in the eye care industry and studies journalism. She loves to knit and crochet. Her blog is at and is in Norwegian, but has a translate option so can be read in English. She has a knitters forum and a Norwegian forum on the "Blog Frog" site.
I like her “angry birds” and she features some very snugly looking knits that she makes. At art group today, I could have done with some of her lovely warm socks that she made for her mum, although of course, her mum may well live in the more northerly part of Norway where Renate is originally from, which makes me feel a bit of a wimp. Renate can undertake commissions, and has her contact details on her blog.

More observant readers may have noticed I have several new link buttons in the right hand margin.  These were done with the help of this blog:  Although the writer no longer updates this blog, it is full of useful information, and there's a link on there to her new one.

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