My Sheffield-born friend Heather Dewick (a bookbinder) has got herself in the Sheffield Telegraph this week, with her choice of interesting places to visit around Sheffield. I blogged about her work last year:

Some of Heather's books
Here's her Flickr photostream: - also, a link to a link to the bookbinding workshops she is running in Sheffield:
And finally an unfeasibly long link to the article about her “favourite things”, which is on the Telegraph website as well.

Pen and Ink Trees 2 - still in progress
I have continued my second pen and ink tree painting. I’ve made the middle lighter, where the light shines through the trees. To begin with, I did this by diluting the black ink, but found that it didn’t come out pale enough, and also the lines from the pen showed. I therefore touched it up with grey watercolour for a smoother finish, but I now think it needs to be made a bit rougher on some of the trees, to suggest the bark. I also felt I should have made the sky darker around the outer edges of the paper to emphasise the sun more. At art group, Karen thought I ought to incorporate some wildlife, which is a possibility.

Maggie's water lillies now with added dragonfly
My snow trees oil painting is still drying (three weeks on, which must be a record). I used a low odour painting medium to mix the oil paint - turps and linseed oil next time – or perhaps I ought to stick to doing oils in summer. For non-artists, you have to dilute your oil paint with something - it’s very thick when it comes out of the tube.

Maggie has recently added a lustrous dragonfly to her existing painting of water lillies. She likes to paint watery scenes, and her lily paintings are very popular. This painting is on the selling website above, here’s a link to the painting itself:

Kevin was drawing a castle/manor house, in pen and ink, with a deep orange sunset behind it. Pen and ink is a medium he often uses anyway, especially for buildings. He’d got the shadow on one side beautifully (if you want to see these paintings, you’ll have to come to our Easter exhibition, but for those of you who are further afield, I’ll try and photograph a few to show you).

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