Guilty or Gilty?

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
It's coming along ...
I’m continuing to add figures and new bits to my Clowne montage. These two medieval ones represent the trading cross’s past. I have been considering how I’ve positioned the man, he looks like he ought to be pulling something, perhaps leading a horse along, so watch this space.

Our leaflet folds into three, and has another side with more info and members
I have been editing the Art group’s leaflet for this year’s exhibition, and will print off more than last time, as they seem to go very quickly. I think it would be good for visitors to have the organiser’s contact details in case they want to join – we could perhaps do with one or two new members. The group didn’t want to have a stand at the Clowne Gala, as they didn’t think it would help to find new members. Other local interest groups use it like that (or to raise funds), but perhaps we are too specialised. Anyhow, we do welcome beginners, as well as more experienced people, and if anyone is interested, the first session is free.

We all have to bring a cake or two to sell to help cover the cost of hiring the room. I have been trying to find healthy options recipes (I’ve noticed how people like to enjoy themselves without feeling guilty), and have found some reduced calorie muffins on the BBC website, these sounded easy to make, though, and I can put some Easter decorations on them to make them prettier. Here’s a link to the recipe: Usually we have beans on toast for lunch but this time, John is producing something particularly yummy for us all – he likes to take an English recipe and give it a Caribbean twist. I’ll report on it after the event.

Finally, I am going to produce some greetings cards from my artwork. If buying a painting is too extravagant for many people, they might go for a card instead – and perhaps frame it. A guilt free option – unless it’s a gilt frame, in which case they might feel “gilty” instead. Enough of my ramblings – more progress next week.

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