Cats - and Cupcakes

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
This week, I finally completed little pastel puss.  I have added her to my website (link above) where she is renamed “Tabby Kitten”, with a price tag of £35.

Do you know how it is when you sometimes see a good idea on someone else’s blog, and perhaps even leave a comment on that blog to the effect that you want to have a go at it, then never have time (or can’t get the materials) to try it out?  Well, this time I overcame a few obstacles to do just that.  I saw this cupcakes in a cup idea on the “Sunny Bug” blog, which has lots of delightful recipes, amongst other things:  The idea was intended for adults, but I thought it would make a good kids’ activity for the holidays.  Buying the ingredients was no problem, but where I live, you can’t get see through plastic cups – or at least my husband couldn’t find them in Tescos.  I therefore had to order some from e-bay - only to find them in Tescos after all.  No matter.
The cups arrived just in time for a visit from our nieces, with Nanna, and a cupcake decorating session ensued! Rather than take the buns out of the cases, I let them decorate them in there, then dropped them into the plastic cups, before stacking them up.   I wish we'd had a few more now, for a taller and more even effect.  Still, you get the idea from the photo below.

Messy but colourful result
 I didn't get chance to show them how to do piping properly, and we were short of time as we were about to go out for the afternoon, but not a bad result, all things considered.  If you could make tallish stack, it could be a good alternative to a birthday cake (although using candles could be a bit risky).

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