Rockies and Teepee

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa

I have used a turquoise blue on the sky on the left,
gradually blending with a more royal blue on the right
both mixed with plenty of white 
Firstly, a warm welcome to anyone new who has found me via the Derbyshire Times website.   I hope to do two updates this week, as the following week looks as if it is going to be busy.

I have begun a painting of the Canadian Rockies, and at this stage, have just pencilled in the outline, and put in the sky and some of the distant mountains on the left, and begun the forest on the mountains themselves.  I am using acrylics on canvas, because they dry more quickly than oils, so are easier to transport to and from art group on foot.

Teepee before decoration
I have also begun decorating a small “cat tepee” (made for our kitten last week) with traditional American Indian symbols, many of which are different types of bird, and stand for good luck, long life and so on.   Instructions on how I made this will be featured on my Kizzie Cat blog later this week (link on the right).  Madge at art group pointed out that I might need to make a bigger one as Kizzie grows, but she (puss) is quite small for now and just under six months old, so I will probably wait until she is about a year old before trying to make a new one, if at all.

We have recently acquired two new members at the art group.  Jim and Aiden both knew each other before they joined. It is good to have some fresh faces, especially over the summer when members are often away on holiday.  This week, Maggie was working on a painting of some geraniums, with the leaves embellished with gold leaf.  I would not have thought to use it in that way, but it seemed to work well for her.  She seems to be going through a “bling” phase at the moment.   Gill was continuing with her pink and white flowers picture.  She creates a blotchy background by putting water based paint onto a wet watercolour paper sheet, then putting cling film on top and scrunching it around.  It is an easy way to create an abstract background and works well for her.  Sometimes, she removes some of the colour by using salt.  Once the background is right, she paints different flowers on top using acrylics – last week she had some freesias, which I had a sniff at as they are my favourite.

I finally found where Chesterfield art group have their display in the Chesterfield market hall this week – it is on the ground floor of the market, in a disused unit at the back near the hairdresser’s.  I knew they had a display somewhere, and had tried to find it before.   They try to have someone there to deal with sales as often as they can.  This time it was locked up and no one was there, but you could see all the paintings through the security screen, and they had contact details for group members who could deal with sales.  I even spotted one of Kevin’s trademark landscapes – he and his wife Barbara belong to both groups.

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